We develop applications that can be used for meetings of boards of directors, in mobile, web and HyperIntelligence


We are a company that specializes in information management for any type of decision-making process. We develop mobile applications that can be used for meetings of boards of directors, in which CEOs, VPs, board members and other decision-makers can find financial and operational numbers, as well as pertinent legal information, updated on a monthly basis. The application makes it possible to do macro and micro analyses based on specific needs, to have simulations, to carry out transactions and to profile users in order to show information based on access permissions.

◉ We are MicroStrategy certified partner

◉ As Microstrategy partner, we implement the first cloud in LatinAmerica

◉ In 2013, we won the award for ¨Best Business Dashboard Application¨ at the World Congress MicroStrategy in Las Vegas.,NV.

◉ In 2016, we are one of the top 5 in ¨MicroStrategy Dashboard Showcase!¨ at the World Congress MicroStrategy in Miami,FL.


Our value proposal is based on giving decision-makers the opportunity to analyze and decide faster and with a greater degree of flexibility and clarity with regard to the impact of implemented strategies. In other words, they are provided with timely, user-friendly and top-quality information that provides answers to their questions.

Our product is backed by more than 17 years of experience as consultants in the fields of finance and processes, which provides us with the necessary clarity regarding which key variables our users want to see and what is the most practical and user-friendly way of analyzing them.

Financial App's

Our financial aplication allows benchmark the historical and actual information of the company, giving user-friendly and top-quality information for the decision-makers.

Legal App's

Our legal application provide pertinent legal information, mobile availability online and offline, giving to boards of director a complete scope.

Comercial App's

Our comercial applications allow complete mobility of live operational info, the transactional modules permit from the approval of purchases until scanning a bar code for inventory.


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